Valimail Enforce™ 


The Reports tab enables you to analyze email performance, from the executive level to highly detailed and segmented perspectives. These reports provide valuable intelligence, both when first onboarding domains and during ongoing maintenance of your email authentication posture.  

  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard gives you an executive-level view of email performance across your domains, with graphs summarizing enforcement status, email delivery, and email authentication performance during a customizable time interval.

  • Domains

    This Domains report shows specific information on how each domain is handling authentication and delivery of email, both normal and suspicious. The report shows, for each domain in your account, the total number of emails authenticated, how many were considered suspicious, how many were allowed through for various reasons, and how many were quarantined or rejected. Pass rates for DMARC, SPF, and DKIM are shown. Finally, the number of senders and countries involved in each domain are shown. You can click on the numbers shown here to go to the respective Senders and Countries reports.

  • Enforcement Status

    You can check the enforcement level and email volume for each domain by using the Enforcement Status report. It provides perfect visibility for tracking progress during the onboarding phase. After the onboarding phase, you can use this to identify domains that are still vulnerable to phishing attacks.

    The Historical Enforcement Status selector will show the Enforcement Status at a time selected in the For box. This helps you compare the status of domains at a certain point in time to the current status. 

    You can download the report data as a CSV file, by clicking Download CSV.

  • Senders

    You can see the activity of senders across all of your domains by checking the Senders report. The report provides data on authentication success for each sender. It helps you to focus on senders that might be operating without authorization, such as internal senders that were set up without company authorization. This report shows the same information as the Domains report, except organized on a per-sender basis.

  • Daily

    The Daily report summarizes the total email flow and authentication performance for each calendar day, and also allows you to break out the Domains, Senders, and Countries that were active on a given day. This report shows the same information as the Domains report, except organized on a per-day basis.

  • Countries

    The Countries report segments email authentication data by country, surfacing volume, authentication rates, and suspicious email. From this report, you can further segment by senders and domains. For a multinational company, one possible use is to identify unauthorized senders at subsidiaries in other countries. This report shows the same information as the Domains report, except organized on a per-country basis.

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