Valimail Enforce™ 

Add a registered domain

A domain must first be added to your Valimail account in order to manage email authentication.

If the domain to add is a new domain that has not been used previously for email, you can set up the SPF, DKIM,  and DMARC records as described in Get Instructions, and you can then configure any email senders.

If the domain to add is already in use as an email domain, then you can set up DMARC with a policy of none, but do not immediately set up SPF and DKIM. For domains that are already in use, it is important to see what is actually sending first in order to avoid interrupting existing email flows. Valimail Customer Success can help you interpret the authentication results and assist you with getting this domain to enforcement.

To add a domain, do the following:

  1. On the Domains tab in the Registered Domains area, click Add a Registered Domain.

  2. Enter the domain name to register in the Valimail system, and click Add.

The Configuration page for the registered domain opens. The domain name appears in the list of registered domains.

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