Valimail Enforce™ 

Your Email Domains

By default, there is one email domain (the registered domain itself), although subdomains can be added as needed for email authentication purposes. Each domain can be configured with the following functions:

  • Enabled Senders: Add 3rd party email senders (Email Service Providers) from a drop down list.

  • Netblocks: If the domain has its own hosted email senders, specify them here. Alternatively, enter a netblock and an associated 3rd party email sender. 

  • Custom Directives: In the case of complex email infrastructures, custom directives can be entered here. Please contact Valimail Customer Success before making any changes here. 

To add an email domain, click Add an Email Domain and enter the domain name. 

To prevent any email from being sent from the subdomain, click Block email from this domain

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