Valimail Enforce™ 

Manage users, portfolios, and teams

Within a customer account, multiple users can be given access privileges. Each account has at least one user designated as the account owner, and then multiple users can be assigned to manage the account and domains within it.

The Account settings page has the following areas for managing users:

  • Users: Account owners and members

    The account owner may add other users to the account, as either account owners or account members.

  • Teams: Groups of users

    You can organize users into groups, and give them access to specific portfolios. This simplifies domain management when you have a large number of domains.

  • Portfolios: Groups of registered domains

    You can group domains together in a portfolio. For accounts that encompass a large number of registered domains, this simplifies domain management. Individual members and teams can be assigned to portfolios.


Portfolios are an Enterprise-level feature.

Create a portfolio:

  1. In the Account Settings page, in Portfolios, click Add.

  2. In Registered Domains, click Add

  3. Select the domain to add from the dropdown. A domain can be added to multiple portfolios. Portfolios can contain multiple registered domains in the account.

  4. Click Add.

Add a Team:

  1. In Account Settings, Teams, click Add.

  2. Enter the name of the team.

  3. Click Add.

To remove a team, click the remove icon on the Account Settings page. 

Set permissions for team members. The account owner can assign members to a team, and then assign individual registered domains and portfolios to the team. The account owner can then assign permissions that the team members have on the individual domains or on portfolios of domains.

The permissions fall into two categories:

  • Permission to edit and/or view the configuration of the domain

  • Permission to view the status of the domain

The Team Information page provides the following functions:

  • In Members, view the members assigned to the team, and click Add a new team member to select team members from the account members.

  • Click Registered Domains to view and set the permissions that team members have on individual domains.

  • Click Portfolios to set the permissions.

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