Valimail Enforce™ 

Authentication Status

On the Domains tab, click the link under Report Received for a given registered domain to access this page. If there is no link (such as n days ago), then no DMARC data has been received for that domain. 

Click on the date range to change the time interval for the DMARC report data to view. The graph displays the number of emails processed by date range, showing whether they passed or failed DMARC, aligned with SPF or DKIM, and their eventual disposition. 

Services are listed as mostly passing, partially failing, and mostly failing. 

If there are Unidentified Senders, you can click on See Details to view information about IP addresses that are unidentified, known forwarders, and possible senders. 

You can use this information to understand the authentication status of email senders using your domains. Click Download CSV to download the raw data. 

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